Monday, January 18, 2010

My first pledge is something I have been wanting to do for years and never actually followed through, until now I am entering the Around The Bay In A Day bike ride for the Smith Family on October 17th 2010. As well as helping myself by improving my fitness and doing something I really enjoy, I can help a charity continue their good work by donating some money that I can raise by riding the full distance of 210 kms. Stan

Thursday, January 14, 2010


With much trepidation, I am announcing my participation in FebFast - short story is I am voluntarily going without booze for the month of February! FebFast is a fundraising initiative and funds go to Australian Drug Foundation, Mater Child and Youth Mental Health Service (Qld), Ted Noffs Foundation (NSW & ACT), Youth Substance Abuse Service (Vic) and FebFast’s grants program for smaller grass-roots organisations. The focus of these organisations is education in general around alcohol use, but particularly for young people.
I am anticipating that this will be quite a challenge for me - as with many Australians, a drink or two is a large part of my social routine! However, this will not only benefit the charities I raise funds for, but will have added benefits in: raising awareness through the conversations that are sure to ensue, particularly related to our drink oriented social culture; saving me money (and hangovers); and benefits to my waistline!
Please feel free to sponsor me through the following link:
Also feel free to join me or check out the website for more information

Charity Starts at Home

I've decided the best place for me to start making a difference to the world is to take care of me first. After all, it's difficult to contribute when you're tired all the time and have nothing in the tank!

So this little black duck is building regular exercise into her routine, eating more fruit and veg from the market and laying off the junk food! My goal is to do 2 PT sessions a week at the gym and 3.5 hours of dance classes on a Saturday afternoon. I want to lose 7-10kgs in the next 4 months. I will not eat junk food more than once a week (believe me, a big improvement). I will also participate in Feb Fast, no alcohol for the month of Feb!!

Improved energy, outlook and motivation means I can have a more positive impact on those around me
Prevention of chronic illness, reduces the burden on the tax payer and hopefully means a longer, more productive life
Hopefully improved fertility
Reduce my contribution to landfill caused by junkfood packaging
Support local farmers rather than large global businesses

One PT session down, many more to go! Wish me luck!!!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Pledges never sleep

A pledge, once made, is an active agent out there in the world doing good. Even when you are not fully active in bringing it about, a good action, backed by good intention, brings its own reward. My small regular cash dana (generosity) pledge to the Wilderness Society, begun only a few months ago, has already added to the success of several worthwhile environmental campaigns:
"Dear David, As 2009 comes to an end, we have a special message we’d like to share with you. From the Australian Sea Lions, who can now look forward to greater protection inside the newly announced Marine Protected Areas that make up 44% of South Australia’s waters, thank you. From the majestic River Red Gums, for whom you helped create 100,000 hectares of new national parks in Victoria, thank you. From the spectacular Kimberley, that no longer has to fear mineral exploration from Bauxite miner Norsk-Hydro in the Mitchell Plateau, thank you. And, from future generations thank you for daring to have the courage to stand up for a better environment and being part of Australia’s largest environmental group. We couldn’t do it without you."
Another easy pledge calling for action on aboriginal health is on the Oxfam site. Click it, sign it. Live the experience of making a difference.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Rob's next pledge

After raising $60 for Movemeber, I'm on a mission to make some environmental difference.
Thank you to my beautiful Mastery friends that donated.
I pledge to cycle at least 20% of my commute to work. (That's one day a week.)
I hope to do more as I harden up a bit more.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My first pledge

Hi all. Wow to what's already pledged. I'm buying a few Keepcups for Xmas presents.
My first pledge is to make a will by the end of this year. I'm intestate - can't keep acting as though I'll live forever and this will definitely make a difference compared to what will happen without a will. I'm looking into Aboriginal charities, maybe the Aborigines Advancement League. I have a soft spot for Bung Yarnda (Lake Tyers) because I've heard the frustration first hand of those living there, especially regarding education for kids and opportunities for young people. I want to give my cabinetmaking tools to an Aboriginal apprentice. And probably give to International Women's Development Agency, or Oxfam.
This blog is PERFECT for me. I've been meaning to make a will for YEARS. Grins to all, Jan.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Gould League Pledge

The Gould League made a strong impression on me as a child. Their mission to record and preserve birdlife and the environment through education still resonates, especially now that climate change and threats to the environment are so pressing. The artwork of the current pledge is in the same style as on the membership certificate I had when I was a little bird-watcher, flicking through What Bird Is That? and getting all excited  when the pictures in the book seemed to come to life in the trees outside. At this moment there are magpies and honeyeaters and several other species nesting in trees around my flat in the heart of Balaclava. By making this pledge I reinforce the interest I have always had to protect these creatures and their environment. There are also pledges for kids, so another generation can carry on this tradition of making a difference for the environment.